Welcome to the African Sports Network

Amy Wanday

Chief Executive Officer

African Sports Network

We recognize that the sports industry is one of the fastest growing industries overseas with more than enough opportunities and money. African athletes have proved to be talented in sports, however our industry is still suffering. The potential of the African sports business industry is slowly being realized and we are keen on making this potential understood by Africans.

Sports can be used to tackle social issues ranging from drug abuse to unemployment, and one of the major beliefs we have is that sports activities are a great tool of emancipation of women in a society. Involving girls in sports activities alongside boys can help overcome prejudice that often contributes to social vulnerability of women and girls. When a woman excels in sports, she is a catalyst for challenging gender stereotypes and she promotes and empowers other women to rise up.

We aim to ensure that any young, passionate and ambitious African child who aspires to join the sports industry is not pressured into believing that it is not a viable career path. Most importantly, we want to guarantee that no young girl with a love for sports feels limited in the industry due to her gender.

The African Sports Network is positioned to give youth athletes and sports enthusiasts an upright support system to enable them to excel in school and their athletic career, while at the same time working towards transforming Africa’s sports business industry.

With our guidance, athletes and industry enthusiasts have the ability to dream and strive for a better future for the African sports industry, with the right connections to support them along their journey. We focus on providing athletes and sports enthusiasts with a proper foundation for self-development and exposure to a life of limitless opportunities in line with their passion for sports.

We also ensure that they are well equipped with exemplary social and entrepreneurial skills as well as expertise in the business of sports, so as to strategically place them to seize any opportunities that come their way. One of the most important things we aim to do is expose them to a network of like-minded people who will support them along their journeys.

We hope that in the next 10 years, our network will contribute towards positive sports leadership across Africa and create positive impacts in their communities.

We look forward to working with you to transform Africa’s sports industry!