Athlete Services:

  1. Representation: We offer a full personalized service covering all issues related and unrelated to sport including legal and financial aspects. We aim to ensure that our athletes are whole rounded individuals on and off the playing field.
  2. Marketing: We offer athletes an essential service that raises their image through social media and offline communication in order to foster their personal brand image.
  3. Communication: We manage and advice players about the content they publish on social media, as well as securing and managing their media interviews.
  4. Workshops: Creating opportunities for young leaders to identify and address social challenges in the sports industry and begin to see opportunities for job creation for youth through sports enterprise.

Other Services:

  1. Business Network: A pan-African sports network to improve business and commercial opportunities, alliances and identification of synergies. We aim to better connect companies, entrepreneurs, clubs, federations and universities among others and create collaborative projects.
  2. Sports Consultancy: Recommendations for success, proposal rectification and execution of any details as requested. The African Sports Network has experience assisting sports federations and organizations plan and execute company and sponsorship strategies.
  3. Event Marketing: Promotion of sporting events, teams, and players, as well as a variety of services and products connected to those teams. Strong focus on social media to enhance brand image.
  4. Event Organization: Arranging every detail involved in preparing for sporting events to guarantee that every aspect of the sporting event is under control. Our work is diverse and includes community soccer and basketball tournaments, cycling events, webinars, conferences and summits.
  5. Education: Organizing sports talked which focus on sensitization and awareness on the importance of sports entrepreneurship. They push attendees to take action and be solution focused rather than simply discuss the challenges in the industry. We also develop specific curriculum’s focusing on sports business, leadership and entrepreneurship.